Selina Snow

Indian and Children Series Southampton City

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The Indian series was inspired by a trip to Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South India, intrigued by the cross cultural mixture of Indian, Portuguese, Chinese and Jewish cultures. Influenced by the heady mix of exotic scented flowers, rich textiles, spices and food offerings and 1950’s & 1960’s European iconic baby graphics.

Combined with my desire to have a family of my own, I became aware during my travels around India of the high value placed on male offspring. About how women circled ‘Fertility Trees’ praying for boy babies as opposed to girls.

My life at this time was fraught with overseeing the care of my father who was suffering from Dementia. Shortly after starting this series my mother was diagnosed with Cancer and died eight months before my father. I began to be aware of my family linkage.

As I went through all their belongings I discovered that they had kept all of my birthday and mothers-day cards. I have used elements of these alongside the pictures to represent the cross-cultural mix and the Indian and British desire for Children.

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