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I was born in London in 1965 and studied at the Slade School of Art, Bristol Polytechnic, the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Aix and Camberwell School of Art.

I have always been fascinated by cross-cultural juxtapositions, and this is depicted in my work. Whether it be the street culture of Japan, the combination of Portuguese and Indians in Kerala or the pickle stall at East Street Market in South London. Having lived and worked in Paris and Sydney, I was introduced to a huge melting pot of Asian cultures, instigating a series of visits to Japan, absorbing myself in both street and culinary culture.

In Sydney I undertook a series of chef portraits and their signature dishes, four of which are in The National Portrait Gallery in Canbera. An exhibition called 'Tokyo Aesthetics' was exhibited at the Japan Foundation in Sydney.

Spanish still life paintings from the 15-18th Century such as Cotan, Zurbaran, and Velazquez, with the seemingly incongruous ingredients placed next to one another, have also been influential in my work, as has Wayne Thiebaud’s cake pictures, Barry McGee and the decorative aspect of Matisse’s paintings.

After moving back to London from Sydney I started painting English and European foods which I now found foreign. Shortly after my return I took on the care of my parents, and inspired by William Hogarth, I compiled a series of works to depict the story of their final years.


Princes Trust - Studio residency & Artist research, Paris.
Bristol Polytechnic Award for Fine Art.
Solo Exhibitions
Southampton City Art Gallery.
Books for Cooks, London.
Modern Pantry, London.
Snow Gallery, London.
The Japan Foundation, Sydney.
Art House Gallery, Sydney.
Danielle Arnaud, London. Liberty, London.
Group Exhibitions
Lighthouse, Poole, Dorset.
National Open Art Competition, Chichester.
Dorset Art Week, Wimbourne St Giles.
The Art Stable, Dorset.
Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, The Mall Galleries, London.
Parker Harris - Lloyds Bank, Salisbury.
Talisman, Gillingham. Maureen Epsley, London.
Snow Gallery, London.
London -
Books for Cooks, Bar Italia, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Coode Adams Martin, Dorado Records, London.
Australia -
The Japan Cultural Centre, Sydney.
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Simon Johnson, Sydney.
Tetsuya Wakuda, Sydney.
B & J Lizzard, Sydney.

Earthquake Produce, San Francisco.
Various Private Collections

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