Selina Snow

Snow Story A visual diary of

Snow Story, a series in 24 pictures, was inspired by Hogarth’s narrative series, principally bringing together ‘The Rakes Progress’ and ‘Marriage a la Mode’ with references to ‘Gin Lane’.

The story is about the troubled, bohemian, often violent and alcoholic lifestyle of a family of three, set in a Georgian house in Kennington, South London. It begins with my birth in 1965 and ends in 2008 with the death of my mother, following an unforeseen diagnosis of cancer and of my father eight months later.

The use of monochrome is intended to invite the kind of ‘reading’ of narrative that is more usual in print or black and white book illustrations, being more accessible and intimate.

Food is represented in colour and is a focus in every image. It provides its own parallel, visually enticing narrative, and is usually a positive counterpoint to the darker black and white narrative taking place in its presence. It is there marking family events, and reflecting the food fashions of the period.

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