Selina Snow

A Visual Feast at  The

The exhibition of works on paper is a series I have been working on for many years, initially influenced by Peter Blake’s tobacco series. I loved the simplicity and aimed to use that in my own work to pay homage to the foods and packaging from various countries, be it a tin of pilchards or a beautiful jewel-like patisserie from Paris. I find both equally appetising one by taste, the other by graphics and connotations.

I moved to Sydney where I had a studio in Marrickville, a mixture of Greek and Vietnamese cultures and foods.

On my return I moved back to London and I started painting English and European foods that I now found foreign.

The all day breakfast in a tin with its cosy blue check tablecloth, homely baked beans and a sausage that looks as though it’s never seen a piece of meat in its life. The seriousness and the beauty of the 'Religieuse' from Ladurée – to a tin of condensed carnation milk which reminds us of our grandparents.

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